Women HR bloggers you should follow


What about blogs about Human Resources? Everyone has their favorite food, fashion, or lifestyle blogs. Several excellent thehrlady.com can be found on the Web, far from the boring depths of legal issues and employee strategy. We’ve rounded up five of the best women HR bloggers who aren’t just experts, but entertaining as well. We hope you will learn something new while you browse.

HR Lady, the evil one

The author of Shauna Moerke’s blog is more genius than evil, despite her blog’s name. Each article is well-written, original, and more importantly, useful. In this show, Shauna blends dry humor, clever analogy and frankness to discuss all things HR; from stereotyping candidates and the benefits of a four-day work week to getting outfit tips from Pinterest. She also replies to reader emails and requests on a regular basis. 

Human Resources Ringleader

A woman of extensive experience, Trish McFarlane is an accomplished author. Trish is The Brandon Hall Group’s Vice President of HR Practice with over 15 years of experience in accounting, PR, healthcare, and IT. In her world-renowned HR Ringleader blog, which she posts almost every day.

Theodore Ruettimann

She is the author of The Cynical Girl: A frank, no holds barred site covering all things HR, employment, and technology up until February this year. In the meanwhile, Laurie’s started writing under her own name on a more personal blog. You can read her latest HR insights at her blog.

Bartender for Human Resources

Sharlyn Lauby says she started the HR Bartender blog to provide people with a friendly forum for discussing workplace issues – and she did manage to do that. Lauby has over 20 years of experience as a professional HR Manager – a friend who listens, offers advice, and encourages you when times are tough.

Ask a Manager

Last, but not least, we’re including Ask a Manager, because the author Alison Green is basically an HR agony aunt. Is your colleague hitting on you? Let Alison know. Have you been headhunted and aren’t sure how to handle it? Talk to Alison. There is often enough good reader feedback to solve any work-related dilemma after she gives sound advice.

Alison’s hands-on wisdom makes Ask a Manager an addictive read, once you start you won’t want to stop, which is great because there are a lot of things you can learn. By clicking the ‘Surprise me’ button, you will be rewarded with a randomly selected blog post.

Sadly, that brings us to the end of our list, but of course there are plenty more excellent HR blogs out there, and we’d love to hear about your favorites – feel free to contribute to the list by leaving a comment below.