A Terry Towel: 7 Reasons Why You & Your Baby Needs One


Terry weaving is not a new concept – it’s there, ever since 1841. But it became popular because of respected Samuel Hold, who introduced the concept of terry weaving in cotton. In recent times, it is a hydrophilic cloth and has more than one use.

Amidst its role in industries like healthcare, restaurants, residential, and more, these towels have immense significance in new parents’ life. Welcome to this post that elaborates on different uses of cotton gauze/terry towels in young parents’ and infants’ life.

Read about why you need this type of towel during your post-partum phase and beyond.

#1 Drying Your Baby after a Shower

Infants have fine folds of skin. Thus, getting into their tiny creases means using something thinner than a standard towel. So, a hydrophilic cloth plays a fundamental role here. 

What you need to do is wrap your baby up in the bath cape. Most of the water will get absorbed. After this, continue drying them using this towel.

#2 When Your Baby Drools

Your baby will drool, which is a natural growing process. Or, during the feeding session, they might throw up a small amount of food. These times you need a towel to catch the first dribbles and wipe them off. To buy one, consult a bulk terry towel supplier. 

#3 Need a Clean Nappy?

In such scenarios, these towels feel soft for babies. It keeps the surface clean, prim, and proper. People blessed with little boys will agree that your son often ends up urinating over the area. By wrapping the towel around his body, you can avoid embarrassing situations.

#4 Time for Breastfeeding?

If you think breastfeeding in public is uncomfortable, you may use the towel to shield both your baby & you. You only need to tuck the towel’s corner under you so that it stays firmly in that place. 

#5 Run Out of Nappies?

Imagine traveling with your kid outside the city. What if you run out of nappies? How will you be able to clean your baby? A hydrophilic cloth acts both as a cleaning cloth and a nappy. You need to fold the towel in a specified manner. And there you have it. It performs the work of an excellent reusable nappy. Buy these towels from Alibaba today.

#6 Create a Sunhat

What if your kid does not have a sunhat to enjoy the walk outside? You can use one of the following ways to make a sunhat out of a terry towel for your baby.

  • Either tie a knot in all the corners of the terry towel; place it on your kid’s head
  • Fold the towel in half & tie it like a scarf over the head

#7 Beat the Heat by using it as a Shade Cloth

Attach the towel and push the bar on your infant’s stroller. Doing this will help your kid enjoy the weather outside. They lie under the shade while relaxing in the park, yard, or beach.

One quick note: Don’t try hanging the muslin cloth over the portable car seat or carrycot. It might get warmer underneath. So, your baby might feel hot inside.

So, with these tips, you can transform your terry towel into several valuable items for you & your kid.