How much does streaming television services cost?


As the cost of cable television keeps rising, it’s no wonder that so many people cut the cord in the recent past. Cutting the cord means they no longer use cable and instead choose to stream to watch the content they want. There are tons of great options now available for film buffs and those who love TV shows. HBO launched HBO Max, which includes a full library of current shows as well as old favorites. Fans of home and craft shows often choose Discovery+, while Hulu and Netflix still have a lot of fans. The cost of streaming packages usually depends on the package the buyer selects.

With Ads

Many streaming giants now offer packages that include ads as a way to cut down on costs. Some dislike these ads because they don’t feel they should pay money to watch ads, especially when the company makes money off the commercials. HBO Max charges around $10 a month for its package that includes ads. Disney+ charges $8 per month for its plan that includes ads. Hulu fans pay around $7 for their streaming plans that run commercials. Netflix announced plans to offer an ad tier to its subscription service, too.

No Ads

Those who hate sitting through commercials may not mind paying extra to watch content without ads. Netflix has plans that start at $10 per month that allow users to watch videos on just one device at a time. The plans go up to more than $20 per month for those who want to watch content on multiple devices. Discovery+ charges $8 for a plan without ads and increases the price to $10 for plans without ads. Hulu also has a plan that takes away the ads. It costs $13 per month, but with some shows and films, viewers will still see a few ads.

Live TV

A big reason why some people refuse to cut the cable cord is that they don’t want to miss live TV shows. Thanks to the right streaming fans, they can watch all of their favorite shows as they air. According to DIRECTV, “the best of live TV and on-demand” is available through its streaming packages. Prices start at $70 per month, but new subscribers can often save a lot when they sign up. Hulu also has a live TV package, but this package does not include nearly as many channels as DIRECTV does.

Bundle and Save

Streaming giants offer bundle deals as a way to help subscribers save money. One of the more popular packages includes both Hulu and live TV as well as ESPN+ and Disney+. This bundle costs $76 a month with ads and more than $80 a month without ads. A different bundle pairs just Disney+ and Hulu for $14 a month with ads and $20 without ads.

With so many different streaming plans now available, it’s easy to find shows and films to watch. Checking out the cost can help shoppers compare rates and pick the best packages.