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You might be asking, How do I make a meme? Can I make a meme with my own picture? What is the best source for online meme templates? What is the best free meme generator online? How to make a meme on PC? All these questions will be answered with these meme maker websites which are to help you make your own memes.

In this blog, I share with you ways on how to make memes online on each of these websites. These meme generator websites that I’m about to break down are FREE and easy to use. The fun part is they allow you to tweak your meme in any way you want, for example, some have blank meme generators, meme templates, have meme generator with no watermark, and most importantly, they guide you on how to make a meme.

But before we delve into your ultimate list of best meme maker free websites, here is a fun fact you didn’t know about memes:

1. Canva

Here is a meme maker website that I have personally used for making graphic designs and impressions, meet Canva. Canva is an all-around online design platform, which created a special free meme-making tool on their website.

With the canvas free online meme generator, you are provided with different functionalities to ease your experience when making a meme.

Canva features and functionalities

  • Existing pre-designed meme templates
  • Flexible and editable meme templates
  • Uploading own picture and making customized memes
  • Available non-restricted color designs and fonts
  • No watermarks restrictions (for free images)
  • Meme blur effect
  • Drag and drop simple meme making tool

How to create a meme with your own picture on Canva (or Template)

>> Click here to access Canva meme generator. After which, Log in or Sign up to Canva
>> Click on create a meme
>> On the sidebar, scroll down and select Templates or select Uploads
>> Tap on the Upload image button
>> Then use the Texts, Canva Elements, and Background options to create your custom meme
>> After which, Download or share directly to social media platforms

2. Make a meme

This meme making website is one with many available options to choose from. When you log in, the first page welcomes you with a list of viral and famous memes on the internet. The interesting part is if you are looking for an already existing meme, it is searchable by name. The make a meme website allows you to search and find your favorite meme by name, for example, I was able to find old Kanye west memes.

Make a meme features and functionalities

  • Searching for a blank meme
  • Browsing option of the newest memes
  • Make your meme public or private
  • Adding your own caption on meme
  • Meme category groupings for example celebrity memes, Fortnite memes, Donald trump memes, and so on.
  • Latest meme templates and making meme mugs
  • Meme preview before downloading them

How to create/edit a meme with the ‘make a meme’ website

>> Ensure to login/register on the website
>> Select a meme picture from the available options / Blank meme generator
>> Insert the top text and bottom text
>> You can choose to make the meme public or private
>> Scroll down for other options like removing the watermark
>> Click on make a meme and save the meme image

How to create a custom meme with the make a meme website

>> First Login/register on the website
>> Click on the upload image option
>> You will be prompted to upload an image as shown above
>> Include top text, bottom text, meme title and Make the meme

3. Crello Free Meme Maker

Crello meme maker website is one of the many meme making websites which have a clean interface, and make creating memes easy.

At first sight, you are able to select from the available templates. These come in different kinds such as two-photo collages, four-photo collages, top-text, bottom text, text on every image in the collage, all these meme template options are editable. This meme generator has no watermark. This is your ultimate go-to website for meme templates.

Crello features and functionalities

  • Over 140 million quality stock images
  • Meme Templates for use
  • Various text formatting options
  • Search and insert an image from online sources
  • Uploading your own fonts and custom images
  • Supports different dimensions for various social media platforms

How to create a meme with Crello meme maker

>> Select the available meme templates at the top of the website
>> Search for an image to insert or Upload your own image
>> Input text, format its colors, and fonts as you prefer
>> Click on Generate meme
>> Copy link which will be popped up for you, paste it in a browser and download the meme. You can also share that link with others on social media.

4. Adobe Spark meme maker

Immediately you access the Adobe spark meme maker website, you are easily directed to design your own meme.

This free meme generator website allows you to edit templates and offers you with various design options as you will see below.

Adobe spark meme maker features and functionalities

  • Various meme templates
  • Meme generator no watermark (for free images)
  • Landscape, portrait, and square meme design options for all social media platforms

How to create a meme with your own picture on Adobe Spark

>> Click on Design your own meme button
>> You will be prompted to select the size of the meme based on the social media platform of your choice or Make custom dimensions. Click next
>> Choose from existing images, search or upload a custom image. Click next
>> Select your preferred design colors or layouts
>> Download your meme

5. Quickmeme

Quickmeme, also dubbed as the funniest page on the internet, is your run to meme maker website. Surely, the name quick attests for itself, as this website makes access to online memes quick, free, and with ease.

On accessing the website, ensure to Log in, by pressing the Login button on the top right. My attempts to log in failed, but I managed to download some memes available. From what I collected from some friends, it worked for them. Here are the functionalities of the Quickmeme website.

Quick meme features and functionalities

  • Shows trending memes and gifs
  • Add your own caption on available memes
  • Like or dislike memes of other memers
  • Upload and create your meme
  • Share meme to particular social media platforms directly