Closing The Memory of Emotional Traumas with Spiritual Teacher Teal Swan


Emotional traumas are common at some point in most people’s lives. Some people manage to let go of the past and move on to the future. There are others that find this task to be extremely difficult. They just cannot get the mental relief they need to move on. They are prone to suffering and painful memories. This takes a toll on them in every aspect of time. Memories haunt them, and this can be dangerous if they sink into depression or suicidal thoughts.

Teal Swan – Helping others to deal with emotional traumas

Teal Swan is a widely popular spiritual teacher and international best-selling author who has written many popular books. She travels the world and is a public speaker hosting workshops to help people in their emotional healing process and path to authenticity. She is also a social media star with her own YouTube channel called Ask Teal, where she connects with her followers.

Life can be joyful again

When it comes to emotional traumas, she helps people forget the past, heal and get back to a meaningful and joyful life. Though it might seem impossible to live again for some, she helps them with a unique process called The Completion Process, an 18-step process of profound self-restoration and healing. She has written a book with the same title, which helps people heal any present or past hurt. With this process, they can-

  1. Create a safe haven in their mind where re-entering difficult memories will not adversely affect them anymore.
  2. Validate painful emotions.
  3. Allow feelings to shift organically towards permanent relief.
  4. Shut the memory of emotional trauma and start a new life.

According to her, the process is not only healing a memory or a pain; it also deals with the enlightenment of knowledge. Once this process has been completed, you will get a stronger sense of hope and value in the world, with the reassurance that life will be really good again.

Spiritual tools and practices

Daily, simple and practical tools that can be practiced anywhere daily. When it comes to healing from emotional trauma, certain spiritual tools and practices step in to help. Though, in the beginning, it takes some effort and patience, these practices and tools go the extra mile in helping you to heal.

Bounce back to a happy life

Teal Swan has some free meditation guides and videos on self-help for her followers to check out on her official website. She is no stranger to pain and suffering, as in her childhood, she too was a victim of abuse for 13 years by a cult. However, she overcame the past to rise into an inspirational leader to help others heal their emotional trauma and pain.

 She is known for her inspirational presence and is widely loved by men and women across the globe. She ensures her followers are able to heal, pick up the pieces and march forward to a life that is filled with joy and is meaningful.