Cost Of LVAD For Heart Treatment In India

LVAD Cost in India
LVAD Cost in India

LVAD, or left ventricular assist device, is also known as a mechanical circulatory support device. This equipment functions as an artificial heart that assists the original heart to remain functional. In other words, the LVAD helps pump blood from the lower ventricles to the entire body.

Patients must undergo open-heart surgery to implant an LVAD into the human body. Doctors and other healthcare practitioners usually recommend that patients undergo an LVAD transplant when they cannot find donors. This alternative is prescribed when a patient is incapable of undergoing a heart transplant. 

This article will provide an overview of the LVAD cost in India, along with its functionalities and orientation. Keep reading.

Know About Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

Sometimes, people might experience improper heart functioning, leading to heart failure. So implanting an LVAD into a person’s body will help retain proper functionalities. It is usually placed in the left ventricular section of the heart. 

Since the LVAD helps pump the heart and intensifies the flow of blood, the pump remains inside. The power source remains outside and is usually placed above the abdominal region.

India Introduces Homespun LVAD Equipment at Great Price!

Back in 2016, a heart hospital from Chennai joined hands with a few Russian scientists. They decided to develop an alternative to the traditional mechanical heart pump. The device has been vastly popular for providing temporary measures and is highly cost-effective.

The developers provided a name to it and are widely known as the ‘Made in India’ device. The usual costs of implanting the LVAD into the human body range around USD 120000. But this alternative device has been introduced at an immensely lower price which is as low as USD 40000. 

However, many patients opt for imported LVADs. The cost of these devices is much higher and reaches up to USD 165000. Since the prices of LVADs are so high, most people are unable to afford them, leading to increased fatalities among patients.  

The devices are so expensive that patients cannot afford to purchase another as a backup option. So if the appliance becomes non-functional and works improperly, it is advised to seek instant medical help.

How to Prepare for an LVAD Implantation?

At first, patients will have to undergo multiple tests and medical checkups. It will help them prepare mentally and comprehend the procedure better. Once the implantation is over, patients are kept under intensive care for at least 4 to 5 days.

After assessing the condition of the patient, they will be discharged. Doctors usually recommend that patients have healthy and nutritious food—besides undergoing physical therapy and taking care of the incision. 

To Conclude

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