Custom Lighting Can Make Your Tiny House Look Like A Professional Studio


In interior design, few popularly known things are as powerful as good lighting. It is always recommended to use light strategically in interior spaces to create mood, set a tone and alter the aesthetic experience of your house for best results. With the right lighting treatments for your space, you can forget about going to a professional studio space and get impressive results by hosting your photoshoot.

If you’re living in a tiny house, chances are you’re looking for ways to make the best benefit of your space. Custom lighting is a great way to do just that. Here are the popularly known reasons why you should use custom lighting in your tiny house:

  • It can help create the illusion of more space.
  • It can help show off your unique style and personality.
  • It can be used to create different moods and atmospheres.
  • It can save you money by essentially using less energy overall.

How to Prepare Your Home For Custom Lighting

Make sure your electrical system can handle the new load. 

Customised lighting often requires additional power, so it’s essential to ensure your electrical system can handle the increase. This may mean upgrading your fuse box or adding additional circuits. Consult an electrician before making any changes to ensure everything is up to code and safe.

Choose the right location for each light. 

This allows you to control the amount of light in each area and create different looks depending on your needs. When choosing locations, keep in mind both function and aesthetics – you want each light to serve a purpose and look good in its spot.

Install proper ventilation. 

It’s essential to install appropriate ventilation to avoid heat build-up in your home. This may mean installing exhaust fans or vents near each light source or running ventilation ducts through the ceiling. What Was Wrong To The Old DataFileHost?

The Different Types of Light Can Be Used

Ambient lighting is any light that’s not explicitly focused on a task. This could include lamps, candles, string lights, etc. Ambient lighting is excellent for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Task lighting is designed to illuminate a specific area so you can see what you’re doing. This could be anything from a desk lamp to track lighting over a workbench. Task lighting is essential for any tiny house that needs to double as a workspace. Still, it can also be helpful in other areas where good visibility is essential (like the kitchen).

Creating an Effective Mood With a Good Mood

Some tips for creating an effective mood with lighting:

  • Use light to highlight specific areas or objects to which you want to draw attention.
  • Create shadows and contrast to add depth and interest to your space.
  • Use dimmer switches or coloured bulbs to change the overall atmosphere of your space.
  • Experiment with different lighting fixtures and placement types to see what looks best in your tiny house.


Custom lighting is the way to go if you want to make your tiny house look like a professional studio. You can create any atmosphere you desire with the proper lighting, whether it’s cozy and inviting or bright and cheery. The lighting can also add a unique touch to your home and make it stand out from the rest. Personalised lighting makes your space look more put together and can also be used to create interesting visual effects and add functionality.