5 Different Types of Business Card Papers


Business cards are an essential part of people’s lives who want to share their information to mass. This is a piece of paper with contact and professional information, and people hand out these well-designed cards to share about the company they work for, their contact details, and other related information in an impactful way. This is also a reliable way to leave a good impression in a business meeting. 

People often believe that only a business owner can have a business card that contains information about their business. But the truth is, anyone can get a card that contains their details. As such, you can easily find business card printing services online that can make your business cards the way you want. 

There are different types of designs and prints available that you can use for your business cards. The print you choose also describes your company’s vision and what kind of impression you want to convey to others. It is also essential to select the paper consciously based on its width, color, weight, printing capabilities, etc. As such, the following points list some types of papers that are commonly used for business cards:

  1. Card Stock

The most common type of paper used for business cards is card stock. This paper material weighs around 80 pounds for each ream of paper which is why it lasts for years because it doesn’t get damaged easily. Hence, many businesses prefer using this material for cards. So, if you want to get your business cards printed in classic style, then use card stock paper. 

  1. Matte Stock

Many people want to get business cards that look royal and elegant, so they use matte stock because it has a non-shiny finish. The appearance of this paper makes a business card look expensive as it feels smooth when you touch it. Some business owners even use matte stock paper and get the fonts in a metallic or glossy font so that it catches the viewer’s eye. Similarly, there are many ways to experiment with matte stock. 

  1. Glossy Stock

Glossy stock is a type of paper with a clear water-based coating, making it look glossy. The best part about this paper is that the chemical used to make it look glossy is water-based and not varnish; hence, it is environmentally friendly. Many business owners prefer using these papers, especially when they have to include graphics, as the glossy layer protects the colors well. 

  1. Photo Card Stock

Many people want to include photographs in their business cards. These photos can be of owners, products, services, and graphics, but it requires good paper quality so that professional-grade photos can be printed on them. For example, if you want to get your cards printed with your photograph, you will have to choose a photo card stock so that your photograph doesn’t get damaged even after years. 

  1. Textured

These days you can find many unique styles of business cards available in the market. For example, some people get their cards printed on textured papers to make them stand out. Likewise, different texture options are available for you to choose from. And according to experts, the touch and feel of business cards play a major role in influencing people’s minds. 
These points list the types of papers available in the market for business card printing. But, before choosing a paper, make sure you have a clear idea in your mind about the style and appearance of your business card. Later, you can search for service providers and get your cards printed the way you want.