Emotion Regulation Mindfulness Exercise – 5 Ways To Fix A Troubled Mind


Today’s world is a busy one. You have to multitask because time is never sufficient. For better productivity and speedy progress, you try to tackle more tasks at a time. However, these may sound beneficial but multitasking comes with various other problems. For instance, stress, frustration, anxiety, and aggression. It’s true that you can’t put a pause to your life. You might be in search of possible solutions to make things work in harmony. 

What you can do is practice mindfulness as it alters your perceptions and helps you accept the thoughts. Therefore, as per Buddhists beliefs, meditation connects you with your inner self, ultimately helping you overcome the sufferings. As per a study, it changes your negative emotions into productive positive ones. Mindfulness meditation helps you stay in the present and restrict your mind from wandering so that it does not bring negative emotions on its way back. Read on to explore the techniques that will help you help you practice mindfulness. 

Mindfulness Sessions Online – Easy-to-practice Techniques

  1. Basic Mindfulness
  2. Sensory 
  3. Sensations
  4. Urge Surfing 
  5. Emotions

Mindfulness Sessions Online – Easy-to-practice Techniques

Mindfulness does not have only one way, there are several other techniques you can use to practice mindfulness meditation. However, they all enable you to achieve focus, relaxation, and a state of alert. This is so because during mindfulness training sessions you pay attention to your thoughts. 

  1. Basic Mindfulness

Basic guided mindfulness exercise is the simplest. It resembles your daily practices. What you need to do is sit somewhere quiet and breathe naturally. Focus on your inhales and exhales. As an alternative, you can recite words to yourself. Don’t restrict the thoughts, let them arise. Accept both negative or positive thoughts and move along. 

  1. Sensory

During sensory mindfulness, you direct your concentration to your senses. Focus on sight, smell, taste, sound, or touch, whatever suits you the best. Accept the thoughts similar to what you will do during basic mindfulness. 

  1. Sensations

Another technique falling under mindfulness yoga training is bringing your focus to sensations. They can be itching, tickles, watery eyes, or goosebumps. This helps you improve your focus. Initiate by observing what’s happening on in your head and gradually move to your toes. During this process, there will be thoughts of very kind crossing your mind. Accept them without passing judgment. 

  1. Urge Surfing

Look for your desires and cope with the craving. This mindfulness technique is the most beneficial for people with severe addictions or who suffer from extreme behavior abnormalities. Simply try to replace the craving with knowledge and let it settle down. This will be tricky at first but once you start doing it as a regular practice, there will be less illegitimate wishes left. 

  1. Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of your mind meaning they will never leave you. However, they can be harmful if not controlled in time. Anger can affect your bonds whereas anxiety won’t let you interact. Hence, name the emotion by meaningful titles and let them pass. 

Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness online sessions are your easy-to-grasp ways. You can cope with everyday tragedies and struggles by simply taking 5-10 minutes of your routine time. The add-on is you can meditate anywhere, without having to look for a designated place. Some of the prominent benefits of mindfulness meditation include:

  1. Improves Capability to Deal with Illness

Mindfulness meditation may not end your suffering but it will enlighten you with ways you can perceive the illness. The main aim of mindfulness is to relax your mind and if seen from cancer patients’ perceptiveness, they termed it beneficial. Not just this, it helped patients with chronic pain by teaching them how to manage it better. 

  1. Improves General Well-being

Mindfulness meditation has numerous health benefits from helping you cure ailments to controlling your thoughts. So much so, it improves your overall wellbeing. For instance, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and so much more. You can overcome your alcohol and substance addiction by simple 5-10 minutes breathing exercise and reciting compassionate and kind verses. This way you will be less reactive and more productive. 

  1. Decreases Stress Levels

Stress levels reduction is another among the mental health benefits of mindfulness meditation. A massive number of people practicing mindfulness to overcome stress leave less space for second thoughts. This meditation type alleviates stress by enabling you to better regulate emotions. 

In Closing

Guided mindfulness exercise has so many benefits, the more you discover the less you want to stay away. It makes you experience plenty of positive potential that leads to a healthy mind and quick progress.