How To Get Stronger Glutes Using a Hip Thrust Machine

Closeup side view of an attractive mid 20's brunette performing hip thrust exercise with a weighted barbell.

If you are looking to build strength and empower your glutes section, the hip thrust must be included in your everyday workout routine. If you are tired of doing hip thrusts, the hip thrust machine might be your new best friend. However, it is important to achieve the right form, to make the best use of the machine.  

What Muscles Are Worked in a Hip Thrust? 

This exercise mainly targets the glute section, both the gluteus medius and the glutes Maximus, while also targeting the hamstrings. Other muscles that are worked in this exercise are the quads, core, and hip abductors.  

Why Should You Include Hip Thrusts in Your Workout? 

Hip thrusts build size and strength in your glutes in a manner that other exercises fail to achieve. Many experts have agreed on the fact that they provide benefits for all age groups, from athletes to adults over the age of 65.  

Glute strength is essential in stabilizing your pelvis, core, and lower section of your body. It also reduces the risk of back pain, knee pain, and several other injuries.  

Strength in the glutes also encourages athletic activities including sprinting, and jumping, and is good for mobility. Another added perk is that it provides a round and lifted backside.  

What Is a Hip Thrust Machine? 

A hip thruster is a vital piece of equipment that allows you to perform glute bridges, and to strengthen, train, condition, and build your glutes most effectively. A thruster will enable you to achieve the perfect form, which is very difficult to achieve normally.  

It provides the proper bench height, and plants your feet firmly, eliminating the risk of slipping. It also helps you extend into the ideal form for glute contraction. Typical benches you find in most gyms are usually too high, and if they aren’t fixed to the floor via bolts, can easily move during performing the exercise. 

Glute thrusters allow you to get the perfect position since for most people the height of the machine is perfect during workouts. Alibaba has a fantastic range of hip thrust machines at affordable rates.  

How To Add Glute Strengthening to Your Gym Routine? 

The ideal way to perform hip thrusts is to perform them as an addition during leg training days. While performing them along leg-specific exercises like squats, make sure that you give yourself enough rest in between workouts. Further, make sure that you are properly warmed up. This can be achieved through 5-10 minutes of cardio, followed by some effective stretching.  

Common Mistakes to Look for While Performing Glute Thrusts 

While performing this exercise, there are several nuances to keep in mind. Make sure that you are not making these mistakes while strengthening your glutes.  

  • Ensure that your foot placement is just right to feel the thrust primarily in the glutes 
  • Make sure that your lower back is neutral 
  • You shouldn’t be coming onto your toes while performing this exercise. Ensure that your legs form a 90-degree angle at the top and then focus on heel contact during movements.  


If performed correctly, glute strengthening is one of the most effective exercises. Hip thrusters are a way to achieve this quickly, with higher efficiency. Head over to to find the most cost-effective hip thrust equipment.