Learn About Your Rights as an Employee


Our grandfathers worked for survival. Our parents worked for a lifestyle. Our generation works for quality of life. There aren’t many people in the United States now that would work a job that affects their mental or physical health unless they are going through a rough financial phase. Even if it’s difficult for you to survive without a job, you should know that your employer doesn’t own you. You work for every penny you are paid, and they are not doing you a favor. 

Both parties benefit from this transaction. To make sure that an employer doesn’t take unnecessary advantage of an employee, the government has set some rules they must follow. If they fail to comply, you can hold them liable in court of law. Here are a few most important rights you should know as an employee. 

Health Insurance

Always ask about the kind of health insurance they offer to their employees. It’s their responsibility to offer good healthcare to all their employees. It’s already difficult enough to afford healthcare and even more challenging without insurance. If your employer is not offering you health insurance, there is a chance that you might not legally be an employee there. Make sure you go through the contract before signing it and take it like it’s your right. 

Compensation for Accidents

As long as you are at the premises of your workplace, your safety is the responsibility of your employer. While there aren’t many accidents in a company in the IT sector, the scenario is entirely different for construction companies. The work is risky there, and you are more likely to fall victim to an injury. If something like that is to happen, your employer is responsible for taking care of you. 

He must provide you with paid leaves until your recovery and bear all treatment expenses. If there is any long-term or permanent injury, the employer has to compensate you accordingly. You can and should contact a work site accident attorney if they deny you your right. Make sure you demand all the safety equipment, and you can refuse to work in a dangerous situation. The labor laws are on your side, and employees are not slaves. 

Paid Holidays

It’s understandable why employers wouldn’t want their employees to take leave, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take any leave. If you are doing a good job and do your work with responsibility, no one should have any problem if you want to take a few days off and give time to yourself. Work and life balance is really important. This is why all companies have to offer paid leaves although it’s not a legal requirement. 

You need to discuss this with your employer before joining the company. Although these things are a little uncomfortable to discuss, you should also learn about severance packages in case your employment is terminated. It’s best to decide the terms of parting ways before you get into a relationship, whether personal or professional.