The Top 13 Performance Management Software to Track Employees


Online tools have completely changed how businesses assess, monitor, and manage employee performance. Effective software streamlines the entire process for managers and it also engages staff. It most significantly provides ease of administration.

But how can you tell which software for performance management is the best? In this article, we will be discussing the top performance management software.

What Is a Performance Management System?

A performance management system aids in monitoring and developing employee performance over time. These strategies help leaders develop their talent for peak performance. It also helps ensure that people are working productively toward synchronized organizational goals.

Effective performance management software has characteristics that enable managers to continuously engage. It also encourages the workforce to minimize attrition and improve corporate results.

Here are the following key features of performance management systems:

  • Setting goals and objectives 
  • Aid in communication;
  • Performance reviews
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Learning and development

Why Do You Need a Performance Management System?

Businesses require a continuous approach to performance management. This will help capture real-time data and progress. This prioritizes ongoing performance conversations. The following are the main justifications for a performance management system:

  • Tracking employee goals, both personal and professional 
  • To improve employee morale and decrease turnover
  • Express adequate appreciation for employees’ work
  • Build a foundation of trust between employees and their managers

The 12  Best Performance Management Tools for Monitoring Employees’s performance management software streamlines employee performance with goal setting, feedback, and data insights. It fosters alignment, tracks progress, and drives growth through efficient self-evaluations, enhancing productivity and engagement for improved profitability.

2. Synergita

Organizations that thrive to achieve high performance-driven growth will benefit from Synergita’s solutions. It can be used for employee performance management, employee engagement, and OKR (objective and key results).

Synergita offers best-in-class employee engagement and continuous performance management. It also offers OKR solutions to create high-performing teams.

 The Synergita software offers the following features.

  • AI-powered sentiment analysis to analyze feedback throughout the company.
  • Organizations may immediately roll out OKRs to particular functional teams. 
  • Comprehensive functionality including matrix goal management, ongoing check-ins, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one meetings. Complete digital performance transformation automation is provided by smart promotion management.
  • Culture scores to gauge how well employees across the board conform to the corporate culture.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports to aid in obtaining meaningful performance and people insights.

3. Trakstar

Trakstar performance management software makes it easier for companies to handle performance reviews. It helps boost employee engagement and organize goal-setting. It also helps foster a culture of real-time feedback. It is affordable and readily available.

Trakstar is user-friendly and offers useful features like performance management. It also offers 360-degree feedback and goal management.

The Trakstar software offers the following features

  • It offers note-taking and automated email notification features.
  • It offers tools for setting and monitoring goals.
  • It provides you with 360-degree feedback in real-time.
  • It supports regular check-ins and self-evaluations.

4. Reviewsnap

This is a well-regarded performance management software. It has the most adaptable, powerful, convenient, and economical online option available right now. For a low annual membership cost, it combines reporting and note-taking. It also has 360-degree feedback with performance appraisals.

Reviewsnap offers reasonable pricing and good performance management options. It is the perfect framework for raising staff morale and productivity. 

E-signatures, automated reminders, email notifications, and secure archiving are all elements of Reviewsnap. Other features include:

  • It contains automated and configurable appraisal forms.
  • It has functionalities to track and manage goals, such as SMART goals. It also helps in monitoring employee progress, establishing objectives, and tracking achievements.
  • The number of review cycles is limitless.

5. Clearcompany

ClearCompany software aids in the hiring procedure, onboarding, performance management, and goal alignment. Small-scale enterprises can use its services. The following are features of Clearcompany.

  • Time-based reviews are available.
  • Automated recollections for thorough review tracking.
  • It can be entirely customized. You can design your scales, questions, and sections.
  • It can link recruiting decisions to performance statistics.
  • The applicant tracking system offers a wide range of capabilities. These include social sharing tools, mobile career sites, and bulk emails.

6. Engagedly

Employee engagement capabilities are available in the performance management program called Engagedly. The system excels in terms of its capabilities and features for performance management.

It offers a solution for businesses of every size. It has elements like ongoing check-ins, real-time feedback, and performance reviews. It also has social learning, goals, and acknowledgment.

It includes an interesting performance management system, among other features.

  • 360-degree review procedure.
  • You can provide one-on-one comments in real-time.
  • You can express social approval.
  • You may set, track, and keep an eye on your goals using the cascading goal-setting module.
  • Through the Engagedly employee recognition platform, employees will be able to award points to one another.


15Five offers useful tools and functionalities for managing feedback and employee performance. 15Five, produces top-performing organizations, successful managers, and highly engaged workforces.

The 15Fiv software offers the following features

  • With 15Five, you can organize and conduct one-on-one meetings with team members. It offers a robust question bank and feedback questions for a weekly check-in. The OKR feature will keep the team interested, motivated, and aligned.
  • The system enables receiving upward, downward, and manager reviews.

8. PERFORMview

The cloud-based software PERFORMview significantly accelerates and simplifies the performance review. It does this by offering a quick, fair, and simple one-page method that boosts management and team performance and engagement.

The PERFOMview software offers the following features

  • A schedule and check-in tracking system to keep everyone in sync all year long.
  • Measure performance in relation to the objectives, and promote cross-functional cooperation

9. SAP SuccessFactors

Businesses benefit from its assistance with hiring, training, and performance management. It offers all sizes of businesses cloud-based HR solutions. The SAP SuccessFactors offer the following features.

  • More than 500 goals are included in the Goal Library. Setting the standards with its aid.
  • You can comment on and keep up with the employee efforts using the Mobile Goal Management function.
  • It promotes communication between staff members and supervisors

10. Oracle HCM

    Oracle HCM’s cloud-based HR offer Talent Management, and Workforce Management solutions.

    It can be used for recruiting and performance management. It is also useful for talent profiles and learning. Talent management offers a variety of functions. The product is straightforward and easy to use. The Oracle HCM offers the following features

    • Create and communicate relevant goals.
    • You can follow the development in real-time.
    • It aids in the development of training programs.
    • Simple access to the talent pool and candidate profiles.

    11. UltiPro

    This cloud-based service aids businesses in managing people, payroll, and human resources. Numerous functions and functionalities are also offered. These include time management, performance management, and succession planning.

    It is a tool for predictive analytics, compensation management, and many more. The system excels at payroll features. A firm of any size can use the system perfectly.

    It has the following features:

    • Recruitment assistance
    • Employee surveys and sentiment analysis
    • A continuous performance management process

    12. PeopleFluent

    It possesses a comprehensive competency management system and integrated talent management. The system supports large-sized businesses. The process of performance management is automated.

    Features include constant feedback.

    • You may align personnel with organizational goals to increase productivity.
    • Learning solutions, succession planning, and remuneration may all be integrated with talent management.
    • It offers a user-friendly administration solution that automates the performance management process and has built-in analytics.
    • It includes strong goal-setting capabilities that let you define goals. These goals are public, private, locked, or changeable.

    13.Lattice Info & Features

    For expanding businesses, there is a software program called Lattice. It helps in getting real-time feedback. It also helps in promoting managers’ one-on-one meetings. Lattice is used by hundreds of businesses to conduct performance assessments. It also assists in providing workers with the feedback they deserve.


    The modern organization is dynamic, complicated, and confronts new difficulties. Innovation, communication, and adaptation are crucial for corporate success. Performance management needs to be performed regularly to make it effective. Choosing the right performance management tools is key to adequately measuring employee performance.