Perfect Age To Buy A Pair Of Shoes For Your Baby 


When a baby opens his eyes to this world, parents start dreaming so much for their little one. From the first pair of clothes to baby shoes, everything is ensured to be the best in the world to give total comfort to the baby by the parents. When it comes to baby shoes, new parents often get baffled about which types of shoes should be purchased for their newborn, when to buy shoes for the baby, and things to keep in mind while selecting an infant’s shoes. Well, all such critical questions will meet their answers here in detail. After meticulous research and parents’ experiences, we have reached these conclusions regarding buying baby shoes, baby booties, and socks as well. 

Gift a pair of shoes to your baby at three months of age

Earlier, people were ignorant about buying shoes for their kids before one year, but now things are changing drastically. People are getting more and more conscious about such things in modern times. Some parents do not mind keeping their kid’s feet inside shoes from the beginning, like four weeks after birth, and others wait until the baby turns three months. But if you are concerned about your kid’s comfort, make sure not to introduce any footwear to the little one before the baby is older than three months. Three-month baby has comparatively less tender feet and can adapt to wearing shoes for some time. Do not let your baby in shoes for the entire day, but you can put them for short intervals. Be it baby girl shoes or boys, the same criterion follows in both cases. 

Which is best out of shoes and booties for the baby?

You must have seen the market is overly crowded with different varieties of shoes for infants and kids in demand nowadays. From baby boy shoes to girls’ shoes can be seen in the market with myriads of designs. But have you ever thought which one could be a better choice out of booties and shoes for an infant? There is no particular definition of comfortable shoes for babies, but booties are suggested for children at an early age, and shoes can be purchased for those who can walk a little. So you can buy both booties and shoes as per the specified age of your child.

Do’s and Don’ts of buying Baby shoes

Have a sight on the things to follow and avoid while making a wise choice to buy baby shoes for the very first time:

Avoid the following points while buying baby shoes 

  1. Do not choose a stiff sole for your baby shoes.
  2. Avoid taking shoes having no buckle as the baby can quickly get the boots out from the feet.
  3. Do not rely on dull colors for baby shoes.
  4. Avoid taking too large and too fit sizes.
  5. Newborn baby booties should not contain stuff that induces sweating.

Things to keep in mind at the time of purchasing baby footwear

  1. Choose a color that can attract your baby the most.
  2. You can select a pair of shoes with adorable prints for the baby.
  3. Select a pair of shoes that fits well to your feet according to the weather.

These are the perfect tips and ideas that can help you understand when to explore the market for shoes for your baby for the first time. Online shopping sites like Basics 21 give the best pair of quality shoes designed exclusively for babies by keeping their comfort in mind. You can buy any baby shoes online in India from Basics 21 at a reasonable price to save a few bucks for buying a new pair.