Plushy Slipperettes – A Fashionista’s Comfortable Choice


This year’s head-turning fashion trends include furry slippers. A sophisticated pair of plush slipperette looks comfortable and trendy. As a fashionista who gives importance to comfort over style, welcome to this post. Here, you can learn the perks of buying plush pantofles for yourself and your kids.

Your feet help you travel from one place to another. So, they must feel comfortable in the slippers you wear. That brings the discussion of plushy slipperette and the perks of owning them. Read on to learn more on this front.

Why Buy Plushy Sandals?

They are soft, cozy, and comfortable. Besides, these sandals come with the following benefits:

  • Keep your feet warm for a longer time span
  • Perfect for lounging around your home
  • Make your feet smooth and soft
  • Let your feet relax
  • Protect feet from cold flooring during the winters
  • Extremely trendy and stylish
  • Can absorb moisture
  • Non-slippery
  • An ideal mode of traveling

Are you looking for house sandals that offer the aforementioned benefits? If yes, consider the following aspects before buying one.

Parameters to Determine before Buying Plush Sandals

While buying them, pay attention to the following pointers.

#1 The Right Fit

Why do you wear sandals? Put simply, it keeps your feet comfortable for a longer span. So, ensure they fit right before buying them. Ensure the plush sandals are perfect for your or your kid’s size. The designing philosophy should be your second priority here.

#2 A Degree of Comfort

Regardless of whether it’s for your or your child, these teddy bear slippers must offer immense comfort to your feet. Remember, you will wear them for 9 to 10 hours. So, do not ever compromise on this aspect. Purchase the plush slippers that can easily get worn & removed. Once you comfort your size, you can make a stylish choice.

#3 How Healthy They are for Your Feet

Slippers having great soles provide superior flexibility. In addition, they prevent you from slipping. Keep these parameters in mind while buying them. When investing in plush sandals, ensure they have soft soles. The selection also depends on where you want to wear them – are you selecting them for indoors or outdoors?

One quick note: If you want to buy it for indoor purposes, factor in your house’s floor condition. The harder your floor, the thicker the sole should be. On the contrary, if your house’s flooring has carpets installed, you don’t have to prioritize opting for a thick sole.

An Added Tip: How to Clean Sandals with Fur?

Now that you are ready to buy these slipperettes, here go a bonus tip. You can clean these sandals using a toothbrush. Use baking soda to clean the stains. Considering the drying part, air drying is the most effective solution. If you wash them in a washing machine, ensure not to dry them using the machine dryer. It might get damaged far too easily if you practice machine drying often. 

The plush slippers have garnered immense popularity these years. Since they make your feet velvety soft, both kids and adults love to wear them. Excited to check out different designs and styles? Get your favorite pair of plush slippers from Alibaba today.