Thoresta Herrgard’s services and Thoresta’s locations


Organizing moving gatherings

The purpose of a gathering is to bring people together, but the purpose of a useful gathering is to bring significantly more people together. We at Thoresta offer a climate that is both friendly and empowering, which encourages motivation and energizes innovative thinking. Our customized events ensure that you get the most out of your time together.

Places to stay

There are 40 rooms at Thoresta Herrg*rd and the hotel can accommodate up to 70 guests. The rooms at Herrg*rd are bright and quiet. There are some that are big and spacious, and others that are smaller and cozy. On the left-hand side of the primary lodge, most of our 40 rooms are located in our red wing. A little private deck and a whirlpool shower are also included in the four choice rooms, all furnished in the traditional English style.

When more security is needed

A two-story lake house with a fully equipped kitchen, a gathering room with an open fire, and an amazing glass veranda. Three double rooms are located higher up. After a long day of gatherings, the *ren also has a private wood-terminated sauna and outside Jacuzzi.

Providing food and refreshments

Thoresta has the advantage of doing exactly what is needed. The team is enthusiastic about creating commonly Swedish dishes, and takes pride in creating them. As such, I take great pleasure in doing so. There’s nothing freaky about the food – it’s just affectionately prepared and tasty. The menus on our website represent a selection of the best seasonal fixings picked or delivered locally. Welcome to our casual, top-notch feasting experience, and we wish you a warm greeting

The history of Thoresta

Several old landmarks from the Stone Age and Iron Age surround Thoresta Herrg*rd. Name Thorlastum comes from combining Thorleif or Thorlaf with stadhir or stash, indicating ‘PLA primarily primary reported utilization of the name dates back to 1349. The de la Gardie family claimed the domain during the 1500s, with King Johan III bequeathing it to his son Pontus de la Gardie.  In later times Thoresta has been possessed by the Wingårdh family and stayed a confidential home until 1982 when it turned into an exclusive gathering.

A cab

To and from Thoresta, we will be glad to arrange a taxi. One of the neighborhood taxi companies we use is B*lsta Taxi, which has fixed prices and has trained drivers. Please provide us with your arrival time and flight number so that we can arrange a taxi from Arlanda. A connection to Bolsta Taxi.

Manor Thoresta

Thoresta’s estate weekend is one of its most valued elements. There are times when our visitors need to take a break from their regular daily routines and spend time with one another. There are others who anticipate being dynamic with, for example, golf. Our three neighboring greens differ in style and challenge, so everyone can find a course that suits them.

See what golf packages you can add to your Manor Weekend.

Thoresta’s surroundings are also conducive to walking and riding bicycles. A 5-minute drive will take you to Lake Mälaren. We also have a spa shower and sauna in our house, Ören. Our spa showers are one of the highlights of your visit with us, so don’t forget to book one.

If you need to get further away from the environmental elements, Herrg*rden offers bikes. This page provides more information about the space’s activities.