How to Improve Quality of Life When You Are a New Writer?

How to Improve Quality of Life When You Are a New Writer

Writing has a tremendous impact on the quality of life when you are a new writer. In the age of smartphones and social media, we are distancing ourselves from the pleasures of writing. Writing has a therapeutic effect on the human mind. It helps to vent out thoughts, unresolved issues and emotional stress. Writing improves quality of life. There are different aspects of human life, and sometimes communicating hard feelings is problematic. You cannot discuss everything with everyone, not even your spouse or closest kin or friends. Bottling up your thoughts keeps you suffocated and leads to depression. Reality is subjective, and experiences differ, but it is alright if no one listens to you.

Writing has a significant impact on improving the quality of life. You can start writing by keeping a journal to vent out your thoughts. Many great writers and poets expressed what they felt about their surroundings and put pen to paper. This practice made them famous and provided clarity in their thoughts. If you are a new writer, you should pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative. Writing is a pathway to improve the quality of life, but you should consider some important things as a new writer. This article aims to discuss the possible ways to improve the quality of life especially when you are working with a coursework writing service as a new writer. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Discipline Yourself

The foremost step to improve the quality of life as a new writer is to ensure that you practice self-discipline. A simple life has its pleasures, and discipline is the key to achieving that. Everyone can spend time on social media or indulge in consumerism. But it fails to give you inner satisfaction and internal peace. In the beginning, the writing process may seem arduous, and it can be frustrating. There is no need to procrastinate and waste precious time by overthinking. Try to write every day and write freely about everything you observe and feel. It strengthens your self-discipline, which has a significant impact on your overall productivity. Learning self-discipline through writing toughens you to achieve anything in life.

Learn the Art of Persuasion

Writing is about persuading others with the use of words and phrases. Skilful verbal and written communication have a massive impact on people. Persuasion skills can improve the quality of life to a significant degree. For example, if you can persuade employers with your writing, you can increase your chances of getting that job. As a new writer, the art of persuasion is also helpful to gain admission to your favourite university. It can also increase the chances of your paper getting published.

Writing with persuasive language has societal implications as well. It can improve the quality of life in society. If you write well and in a compelling manner, you can initiate a social change movement to help others. As a novice writer, you lack vocabulary and phrases to impress others. But, it would help if you do not let that worry curtail your self-development. You should write freely and let the thoughts flow without worrying about grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes. You have only to convince yourself as a beginner writer. The key is to write more to develop persuasion skills. It can have an immense effect on your personal development, improving your quality of life.    

Cultivate Self Awareness

New writers must cultivate self–awareness to gain clarity about themselves and their personalities. The more self-aware they are about their thoughts, the better they become at writing. Writers who are self-aware and know their limitations have inner satisfaction, which helps to improve the quality of life. Cultivating self-awareness through writing develops skills that are necessary for career success.

Improve Decision Making Power

As a new writer, you will have temptations to write about anything to improve your profile. New writers should be mindful of such attractions. Whatever you choose to write about as a beginner will become your writing niche. For that reason, you should put more thought into deciding what you want to write. Deliberation and contemplation improve the quality of life to a significant degree. It counters our impulsive thoughts, and impulsive decision making has negative consequences. So, it is pertinent to improve the decision-making power while choosing to write about something. You should know what you want to write about is beneficial for you and as well as for society in general.

Recall and Record Happy Memories

Filing up your brain with happy memories is the key to improve the quality of life. As a new writer, it will surprise you how writing brings back forgotten memories. Words convey thoughts and memories. Build up your vocabulary and learn new phrases. You might stumble across a word or phrase which will trigger old memories. Some of those memories might be unpleasant, but they can provide some perspective by looking at them from a distance. It will help you integrate the painful and traumatic experiences by writing them down.

Orhan Pamuk, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, wrote a book Istanbul: Memories and the City, on integrating good and bad memories. The book is about the lost memories of the lost culture of the city and its associated traditions. The writer inspires awe and reverence for art and culture through this book. So, a writer should recall forgotten memories by learning new phrases and words. It can be a transforming experience and open up new dimensions, thus improving the quality of life.


New writer should be aware that language has far-reaching consequences. Positive reinforcement and critical analysis through writing have a pivotal role to improve the quality of life. It not only enhances the quality of life of the writer but has broader beneficial implications for the rest of society. Writing makes us self-aware and knowledgeable beings aware of the intricacies of life. A learned person never makes a haphazard judgement. If you want to know how writing can improve the quality of life, read this article and try implementing the guidelines mentioned above.