Tips for home


Art has long been known as an effective way through which the artist can convey what is in his heart and soul. For example, art can be interpreted in different ways. However, professional child psychologists have discovered that art in any form, has a way of stimulating the hearts and minds of children of all ages, including infants. Indeed, it is often suggested that by placing nursery wall decor you can create an impact on your baby’s early growth and development.

Space constraints have made apartment owners look out for trendy decor options with painting, offering a streamlined and compact approach towards home decors. The micro-lifestyle has fascinated the minds of millennial generations, with creative solutions that transform small spaces and make it possible to live in small conditions. Make the most of the space to make your apartment feel spacious and welcoming. Here, we have featured some intelligent solutions that are suitable for small spaces in apartments.

Keeping it Neutral: 

Fool your eyes by thinking that the apartment is more spacious by adding calm, even-toned colours. A cheerful colour like pale turquoise is a good way to set a happy mood in a small room. Be sure to add a variety of textures to keep the apartment attractive.

Be Resourceful: 

When space is limited, limit your purchases of new, consider animal like horse paintings  bulky furniture, such as armoires and clothing dressers that take up plenty of space on the floor. Just buy a few large pieces of furniture to make the interiors even richer. Do not decorate all your furniture against the wall because the space behind the furniture makes the room look wider than they are. Get rich by using all surface space, such as windowsill for decor, lighting and other essentials when there is no extra table space.

Opt for Openness: 

Houses separated by pocket doors have glass windows that allow light to flow throughout the space during separation. And even better, they slide straight into the wall without taking up much less space than the swinging doors.

Use Space on the Walls: 

Mirrors on the walls make your space feel bigger, lighter and airier. And a convex mirror to add a lot of inner personality. The biggest waste of a small living room is by wall mounting as your TV media console. Use open and closed shelving installed on the walls to remove bookshelves on the walls and to remove storage furniture units from the floor and walls. Or the other option is to opt for a mounted wall desk because it takes up less space and you can even mount shelves on top of it for more storage space.

Versatile furniture: 

Opt for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Look for a table that can serve as a desk and dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy a coffee table and a cube that serves as a bonus seat when the guests leave. Buy extra seats that can be folded and be super compact so you can store it after the guests leave.