Want to Quit Smoking Cigarettes? Here are 4 Tips That Can Help


Millions of people light multiple cigarettes daily to cater to their tobacco cravings. Out of these people, many are trying to quit this habit for their reason. Everyone has their reasons, ranging from wanting to experience easy breathing again to simply trying to save money.

The urge to light a cigarette as a smoker trying to quit can be very strong. But, if you are committed to quitting smoking, stay strong and remember that you are one step closer to success every time you resist a tobacco craving. There are high chances that you will be cranky through this period, but it will pass.

To help you through your journey of quitting smoking, here are four effective tips that can help.

1. List your Reasons to Quit

What is your motivation to quit smoking? The reason differs for every individual. For some, it is to stop their family from being exposed to harmful secondhand smoke, while others want to save themselves from lung cancer, heart disease, and blood pressure issues. 

Whatever your reason, keep reminding yourself about it every time you reach for a cigarette. Yes, this can be difficult, but you are not alone. You can get in touch with a friend or spend time with your family to remind yourself of your reason for switching to a healthier lifestyle. 

2. Switch to Vaping for a While

Against the general concept of vapes being as harmful as cigarettes, vaping has been proven substantially less harmful than smoking a cigarette. With a vape, you can inhale vapor instead of smoke, which can cause way more damage to your lungs. 

If you are new to vaping, you can start with a basic vape pen. You can choose from various flavors and nicotine strengths to satisfy your cravings. This practice can help you fight the stress and irritability many people trying to quit smoking face.

3. Identify Your Triggers

Most smokers have triggers and associations that increase their urge to light a cigarette. As someone trying to quit, make sure you are aware of your triggers and put conscious efforts toward avoiding them

Many smokers can relate to most of the triggers. For example, smokers may feel the urge to smoke after breakfast, in bed, or during work breaks. If you can identify your triggers, you can consciously choose to avoid them by eating candy or going for a walk to overcome your stress every time a craving hits.

4. Take up a Physical Activity

Quitting smoking is a hard step and requires a lot of strength. But, you can associate every time you crave a cigarette with a physical activity that can distract you completely. For you, as per your interests, it can be jogging or going for a swim.

If you do not like going for a walk, you can try other productive activities such as cleaning your room, gardening, or even embroidery. Remember, keeping your mind distracted is the key to staying away from smoking again.