What are the career options in Animation?

career options in Animation

The animation industry is exploding globally, with multiple career opportunities for skilled and qualified animators. A career in animation is one of the most sought-after career options as this field offers tremendous growth possibilities. Animation is rightly defined as the art of breathing life into a character or an object. This sector is a blend of the entertainment and technology industry as it centers around designing, making layouts, drawing, and producing graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips.

If you aspire to make a career in animation besides being creative, you need skills that can help you sustain the cut-throat competition of the industry. Thus, pursuing a BA in animation can help build a fulfilling career in the field of animation and animation filmmaking. Bachelor’s in animation is an undergraduate degree programme that prepares you with a variety of skills relevant to the modern animation industry.

Animation is a multi-billion dollar industry that generates tremendous employment opportunities across a range of profiles, from technology-based jobs to creative jobs like 3D modellers, visual-effect supervisors, character animators, etc.,

In this article, we will discuss some of the best career options for students after completing the BA in animation degree.

  • 3D animator: A 3D animator is a creative professional who creates three-dimensional movements for characters. They also develop the backgrounds and look into other aspects of an animated world using innovative tools.
  • Art director: The art director is a design professional responsible for managing the sourcing and production of visual elements for advertising and entertainment companies. These professionals can develop a style guide to assist artists and animators in designing characters, graphic elements, and stories.
  • Character animator: Character animators are professionals tasked with moving a character to a 2D or 3D dimension, which is the most important aspect of animation.
  • Video game designer: A video game designer is an expert in graphic designing and computer programming who develops video games. They are specialists in creating concepts for characters, helping write a storyline, and building a game environment. A bachelor’s in animation is a desired qualification for a video game designer.
  • 3D creative designer: 3D creative designers are experts in art designing and typically work for multimedia companies and advertising firms. Their duty is to develop design concepts, mood boards, and character sketches that artists use to create animations.
  • 3D modellers: 3D modellers are specialists in creating 3D environments and characters for a range of different purposes. An individual with a bachelor’s degree in animation can pursue an exciting career as a 3D modeller in the field of their choice.

That’s not all. Here are some more career options that a BA in animation graduate can pursue:

  • Freelance animation
  • Art director
  • Set director
  • Web and app animation
  • Project management
  • Film special effects

A degree in animation can prepare you for a variety of careers in animation, art, entertainment, advertising, gaming, filmmaking, online learning, and digital news media. An animation career is gratifying if you have artistic talent and comprehensive knowledge of using the latest tools and software to deliver work in line with the industry standard. So, a BA in animation is an ideal course for building a strong foundation in animation to break through the fast-growing industry.