What is The Seamless Search?

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Our solutions help employers minimize risk by designing, implementing, and managing an intelligent screening system. ​Because we are a trustworthy single-source provider. The Seamless Search we offer our clients an individualized experience based on their industry, state laws, regulatory requirements, or internal policies.

​Through our integrations, APIs, and Applicant Tracking partners, we can provide the data our clients need; when they need it, in the format they need it.

In 2021, we were acquired by Nationwide Testing Association, Inc., allowing us to offer our clients drug testing, Medical Review Officer services, TPA services, Clearinghouse services, and Compliance services such as mock audits. As a result of this relationship, we were able to expand our service offerings and improve our client experience.

The quality assurance process is critical to our industry. At Seamless Search, all searches are reviewed by a certified Client Relations Specialist and a Researcher. Everything we do is carefully inspected. Every hit on a search must be monitored by workflow monitoring before being released. This ensures the best quality data for our clients.

​We guarantee you that our account managers and professionals are responsive and committed to providing a positive, repeatable customer service experience.

You can search for talent to find contact information as well as organize your lists with seamlesssearch.net, both an app and Chrome extension.

The tool has many of the same functions as other similar tools: searching for companies and people based on location, industry, title, etc. seamless search sets itself apart, however, by being more than just a LinkedIn search engine. Yes, it searches for and displays your contact information from LinkedIn. Nonetheless, the tool searches over 150 million companies, 250, 000 news sites, a billion social profiles, and more. In this way, you can locate contacts you might not have discovered through other sourcing tools.

There are a number of options for searching, sorting, and saving this large amount of information with the tool.

In its Company search, seamless search summarizes the industry, size, and location of each company, and offers links to their websites and social media accounts.It displays the title and company of a person during a People search and provides an easy way to access their contact information. A credit is given to you for free, and you use the credit to reveal contact information.additional information about a person.as contacts and sort them into lists. from seamless search there are several options available.

The Raw data export provides an excel-style document with all the information seamless search has determined about your selected contacts. Despite the fact that the format is a bit clumsy, and may be redundant, it gives all the information you may need in the future.Additionally, you can export Clean data. It provides a neater list of only the information you are most likely to need, such as contact information and social media links.