What Can You Do With A Masters In Fashion Styling


Fashion styling is a professional art of styling a personality, amalgamating pieces of clothing & accessories by mixing and matching style, trends & practicality, to create aesthetic ensembles. Utilizing his deep understanding of trends & body types, expertise in accentuating the physical attributes of model, proficiency in identifying the ideal combination of clothing & accessories, eye for detail and colours, a Fashion Stylist works to bring alive the vision of designers, photographers, and film writer/director etc.

He usually is involved in designing a visual image, communicating a personality, telling a story, selling a collection, and inspiring an image etc. through unique alluring styles, utilizing various clothing, accessories as well as hair styling.

He also works with celebrities, high net worth individuals etc. and help them to portray a persona by dressing them up fashionably & tastefully

Types of stylists: Basis the specialization and expertise of the individual, Stylists can work in any of the following areas:

  • Personal
  • E-Commerce/Online
  • Photographic
  • Catwalk
  • Still Life
  • Product
  • Blogging / Social- Media.
  • Film/Television Industry

Job Opportunities:

On completion of masters in fashion styling, following are few of the profiles the candidates can explore:

Fashion Stylist: Basis the design brief, a stylist conceives appealing displays, photo shoots or outfits in order to deliver visual message along with highlighting the brand they work for. They collaborate with multiple teams to consistently deliver high standard work.

Fashion Show Stylist: He is responsible for presenting the collection in a manner that it becomes a success, and the brand receives the desired accolades. His role includes set designing, identifying the correct look, casting, music, apt makeup and hair styling etc.

Personal Shopper: He works for private clients or retailers or departmental stores, offering styling service and wardrobe recommendations. They must understand their client, their requirements, the persona they want to portray, have complete knowledge about latest fashion trends as well as the market etc. and accordingly make recommendations.  

Fashion Designer: Basis the fashion trends, customer requirements and the market, he conceives fresh and original designs in clothes and/or accessories. He is responsible for identifying the apt material, fabric, colour, pattern, texture etc. and create a prototype before going into final production. 

Creative Director: His is the most accomplished senior position in the fashion Industry and with his experience and business acumen he is responsible to conceptualize look for the brand.

Visual merchandisers: He utilizes his knowledge of fashion trends, creativity and understanding of people and market to develop visual concepts and strategies to communicate about the brand at the retail level. He is accountable for promoting products and services in-store, in catalogues or online ensuring the availability of products in right quantity at the right time. He collaborates with other departments to envisage annual visual strategies as well as other promotional events so as to attract the right target segment in target market besides training the retail teams.

Masters In Fashion Styling:

  • Curriculum must mentor students about fundamental theories along with principles of design utilizing a range of techniques, tools and materials.  
  • Curriculum must include understanding in fashion visualisation, evolution of fashion, beauty and identity, cultural studies, portfolio development in sync with industry demands, advanced editorial styling, and developing a real-time project.

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