Why Poly Mailers are Popular


A fantastic substitute for cardboard boxes is mailers that allow you to mail various products while keeping the merchandise safe. It addresses numerous issues about material utilisation, labour, and shipping costs and is available in various sizes and materials. For many e-commerce sellers, poly mailers are the most preferred media. This post will go through some of the compelling arguments favouring that.


Different polymerisers are perfect for shipping textiles, apparel, and documents. Then there are bubble mailers, which increase their durability against breakage. Jewellery, gadgets, and even books work well in these. There are metallic envelopes with a tacky, glossy appearance if you’re looking for luxury. The ideal method for shipping big things is insulated mailers.

Additionally, some mailers can tolerate extreme situations and are tear- and puncture-resistant. These different kinds of polymerisers are adaptable enough to accept various products in various shapes. Additionally, it requires less room to ship and ship.


Direct printing of the company logo is possible on the poly mailer. Stickers and stamps are simple branding alternatives that you can use. Custom maps and annotations can be added with ease as well. Many manufacturers will perform bespoke printing while producing poly mailers if you request them in quantity. If the amount is insufficient, another printing choice is available.

Saves space

Even when folded, the package takes up room. On the other hand, mailers occupy extremely little room. As you rush to pack and begin putting out your shipments, freshly built boxes may litter your warehouse floor. These mailers may be stacked easily and don’t require assembly as boxes do. 

Added safety

Nobody knows your product as well as you do. Bubble-lining polymer is an option if your product needs an additional layer. If it’s a cloth and you don’t care about damage while shipping, pick a different one. Freedom of choice should be available with a custom poly mailer. In addition to these variants, there are alternatives for tamper-evident seals, so buyers know how to open them correctly. Before shipping the item, kindly take the weather into account. The majority of them are waterproof, but you can always double-check. The consumer will receive the merchandise in good condition.

Simple to use

The use of material that appears to be exceedingly flimsy may stigmatise some businesspeople. You have probably encountered a shipping envelope if you’ve purchased from Amazon or Walmart. Shipping parcels made of brown paper that are constantly secured with string is not a problem. Already, poly mailers are used to ship some of your favourite products.

Cheap and powerful adhesive

Both bubble and poly mailers are affordable and practical ways to distribute goods. Additionally, it is a simple technique to reduce the need for dunnage and void filling, saving resources and money. Strong self-adhesive seals on the mailers assist in saving time and provide security to keep your products safe. Mail that has been tampered with cannot be unopened and then resealed.

Resistance to moisture

Moisture and water resistance is a feature of plastic poly mailers. Things included in these plastic envelopes won’t be harmed by water or moisture, even if they accidentally fall into it or come into contact with it. The mailer inherits the qualities of the low-density polyethylene from which it is manufactured. In their original state, these packing materials shield the goods from water. The product’s protective features lose their effectiveness as it ages.